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1500 Kč gift voucher

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Do you want to give your loved ones some of our products, but not sure which is the right one? Gift voucher is the best choice, even as the last minute gift. Pick one in a few minutes and we will send it to you by email.
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1500 Kč gift voucher
A gift voucher is the right gift in case you are not sure which product is the best choice. Thanks to the voucher, your loved ones can choose exactly the right one from our products. You can also buy it at the last minute. Each voucher is sent immediately after purchase to the email you provide. Then you can print it out or forward it to the gifted person. 
How to buy a voucher?
You can buy a gift voucher in our eshop. (If you require an immediate delivery of the voucher, you need to pay it by ePayment, otherwise we will wait for 1-2 days for a classic bank transfer.) After receiving the payment, we will send you a voucher to your e-mail and you can print or forward it to the gifted person.
In the case of any queries or if you are interested in a higher voucher than we offer, please contact us at sales@lovespa.cz
Shopping with a voucher
Each voucher has its unique code that purchaser uses during the ordering process in our eshop. The amount quoted on the voucher will be deducted automatically from purchase ammount. (There is a need to place an order in the same ammount as stated on the voucher or higher.)
The validity of the voucher is always written on the voucher and is 3 months from the date of purchase.
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