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Peat baths


Peat baths have many positive effects on our body and their effects have been proven for generations. They provide relief in arthrosis, acute and chronic pains of the joints or spine, help to heal eczema, psoriasis and acne and positively affect nervous disorders. Peat is perfectly absorbed into the skin, nourishes, renews and blooms. It has excellent antibacterial and detoxifying properties.

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Peat bath SFAGNUM 1L Peat bath SFAGNUM 1L Art.No.: 00034
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Fine bath peat is suitable for rehabilitation or cosmetic baths of skin suffering with acne or other skin problems. It can also be used as a partial direct wrap of tensed muscles or joints. With this bath you can now enjoy a bit of spa even at your home!
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Foam bath with peat extract SFAGNUM, 500 ml Foam bath with peat extract SFAGNUM, 500 ml Art.No.: 00038
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A relaxing bath with a decent scent has beneficial effect for body and mind. Active substances with minerals release muscle tension, stimulate the body and promote regeneration and healing. Helps to treat acne, eczema and psoriasis.
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Products per page: 15 25 50
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