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Exfoliation - relieve your skin!

Love Spa - Exfoliation - relieve your skin!    Exfoliation - scary term for really beneficial skincare procedure. To make ourselves known in all foreign names, we would have to carry a dictionary of foreign words with us. That is why we are now bringing you another article from our dermatological clinic. Learn how to clean and care for your skin to look fresh and young everyday!

Have you ever tried to look at your skin under a microscope? The top layer of our skin consists of several "sublayers". At the bottom, basal, the cells of our skin form and after 28 days they come to the surface during the natural process. There the parts of the skin wrinkle, die and fall away. In this way, the human skin is renewed throughout life, leaving behind an ordinary eye an invisible trace. Dead scales that do not themselves fall out of the skin are the fertile soil for bacteria and mites and prevent the access of nutrients from creams and skin masks applied to the skin. Therefore, it is so important once and for all to carefully clean the skin to stay healthy with a youthful look.

The exfoliation comes from the Latin "exfoliare" - "losing leaves" and we know this process under the term "peeling". It is a process of removing unnecessary dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, the gentle exercise of which is appropriate as a regular part of care for healthy and problematic skin. Skin cleansing is important to preserve its youthful appearance and enhance the intake of active substances contained in creams, face masks and other nourishing products. Let's have a look at the ways in which this skin revitalization can be done and why it is so important to our skin.


Mechanical exfoliation

This process can be described as a physical scrubbing of the skin with a abrasive material. The roughness of the used material is based on the sensitivity of the skin of each of us and on personal preferences. Someone likes smooth materials and a gentle approach, another loves beeing rubbed with a coarse brush, and it is a blessing for him. These materials include microfibre cloths, salt or sugar crystals, sponges or brushes, etc. These harsh materials are recommended to supplement the cleansing ritual with essences that allow the peeling of the skin to be cleansed and at the same time to remove unnecessary skin particles. The ideal option is to perform peeling in a bath or shower enclosed with the help of a favorite shower gel or shampoo. Try out our bath salts in combination with special shampoos, whose active ingredients regulate the production of sebum, cleans clogged pores and help heal deposits of the most serious skin diseases. Our shampoos can be used also as a full body shower gel.



How to?
Careful skin renewal is an important activity for all skin types. For dry and sensitive skin, we should pay attention to redness or painful symptoms. On the contrary, it is advisable to perform this activity on a regular basis. It adjusts the amount of skin sebum and cleanses our skin from undesirable harmful substances. Ite is a welcomed helper in all sorts of skin diseases. Especially in acne, eczema and with cautious execution also psoriasis and other problems. Delayed skin cells and clogged pores block access to the lower layers of the skin. You can use the finest cream, but if it does not get where it should get, it loses its effectiveness. The skin has a visually better structure after cleansing and wrinkles disappear. Skin is therefore balanced, finer, hydrated and removes previous symptoms of acne and certain pigment spots.



Try out our SPA peeling

In our shop you will find several products that can be used for normal and safe peelings in home care. Bath salts can be combined with your favorite massage oil, but your skin will appreciate also quality coconut or olive oil or your favorite shower gel. For sensitive skin affected by skin problems, we have developed effective and proven shampoos. You can choose from classic zinc regeneration or stronger sulphur one with 1% sulfur. All our shampoos can be used as shower gels and together with bath salts create an ideal combination for home peeling. Natural black clay can also be mixed with popular oils, but ordinary water is also possible to use. We recommend using all the peels in a shower or a bathtub where you simply rinse them after use.

Properly cleansed and blooded skin then deserves the proper portion of hydration. We recommend Thyme ologel with thyme oil which, thanks to its fine texture, is perfectly absorbed and hydrates dry skin. It is suitable for whole body skin and face care. The skin cream with geranium oil contains, as well as oleogel, thermal sulphur water from the healing springs of the spa Velké Losiny and is suitable for the care of normal and sensitive skin of the whole body. In our offer you can also find body milk, facial masks or natural soaps.

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