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Foam bath with peat extract SFAGNUM, 500 ml

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A relaxing bath with a decent scent has beneficial effect for body and mind. Active substances with minerals release muscle tension, stimulate the body and promote regeneration and healing. Helps to treat acne, eczema and psoriasis.
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Foam bath with peat extract SFAGNUM, 500 ml

The bath has an anti-inflammatory, analgetic and warming effect, should be applied to rheumatic and arthritic complaints, muscle fatigue or after sports. Helps in the treatment of dermatological problems like psoriasis, atopic eczema, acne. It also has pronounced detoxification properties.

Heat increases blood circulation and local metabolism, thereby speeding up the absorption of minerals, softens the skin, releases the skeletal muscles and also muscles of the internal organs.


Instructions for use:

Place two tablespoons with a bath in the tub and fill it with water at 36-37 ° C. When swabbing, carefully rinse out to make bath foamy. The optimum bath time is 20 minutes, during which the peat extract has enough time to spread well over the entire surface of the skin and penetrates it.

The peat bath is focused on the whole body and is also suitable as a beneficial cosmetic procedure. After bathing it is advisable to rest under the blanket for about half an hour. During this process, important metabolic processes occur in the body and give the body a sense of relief and relaxation.


Recommended for:

- diseases of the locomotive system

- respiratory disease

- urological and gynecological diseases

- diseases of the digestive tract



We do not recommend when:

- cardiovascular and vascular diseases

- treatment of strokes

- treatment of oncological diseases

- pregnancy

- decompensated cardiological illnesses and severe circulatory disorders,

- fever and hypersensitivity to heat

- open skin injuries, bleeding and swelling.



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