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Melissa bath salt THERMELOVE, 100g

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Bath salt with extract of lemon balm, melissa oil and natural essential oils. Even our ancestors knew that a bath with a lute extracts adds a total relief to the body, helps insomnia and headaches. It has a beneficial effect on the whole organism.
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Melissa bath salt THERMELOVE, 100g

Place 1 - 2 tablespoons of salt in a bath with an ideal temperature of 37 ° C. Only for external use as a bath additive. After bathing, rinse your body with water without soap and apply any of our moisturizing creams or oleogels. Keep out of the reach of children. In case of contact with eyes rinse with clean water.



Mellisa - its essential oils and fragrances are effective against stress, nervousness and sleep disorders. In baths, it helps in rheumatism and acts as a prevention against haze. It is also used in bruises and swelling.

Geranium oil - from the rare Pelargonium graveolens, supports the circulatory and lymphatic system, thereby providing the skin with both better nutrition and quicker drainage. Essential oil of geranium is one of the best oils to relieve nervous tension. It can relax and at the same time encourage the body.

The product is dermatologically tested, does not contain animal products, preservatives like parabens and is not perfumed with synthetic perfumes. It contains only plant extracts and mixtures thereof. Tested only on people.

Lemongrass oil - has beneficial effects on the skin with a tendency to acne, has antiseptic and antiviral effects. Refreshes and encourages the skin and the body.

The product does not contain animal products, preservatives, perfumes and chemical dyes. Tested only on people. It contains only plant oils and mixtures thereof.


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