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Natural marigold soap THERMELOVE, 90g

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Natural and hand made soap made by the cold method, which allows it to preserve nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Supports the elasticity of the skin and its resistance to adverse external influences, prevents its drying, nourishing and regenerating.
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Natural marigold soap THERMELOVE, 90g

Apply the soap daily. The skin remains soft, supple and flexible after use. Due the included natural essential oils has the soap pleasant aroma which remains on the skin long after use. After the use we recommend skin treatment with some of our moisturizing creams or oleogels. Can be used on body and face.


Thanks to the cold method, soap keeps all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins contained in used oils and extracts.



Marigold oil - helps wound healing, acts against mold, inflammation of the veins and non-healing leg ulcers. Excellent for frostbite and burns. It has healing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Almond oil - soothes irritated skin and is effective in treating rough skin and burns. Has beneficial effects on the skin affected with acne and eczema. It gives the skin a feeling of softness, mild irritation and protects it.

Mandarin oil - is a psychic stimulant, has disinfecting, refreshing, anticonvulsant and soothing effects. Ideal for oily and problematic skin. It refreshes, tonifies and deodorizes. Harmonizes and strengthens sleep.

Lemon oil - it has both refreshing and reassuring effects. It is a good nerve stimulant and has antiseptic effects. It has stretching effects, improves overall skin tone, is suitable for oily and problematic skin with enlarged pores.

Grapefruit oil - it has refreshing effects, works against fatigue and depression. It affects the regulation of sweat. Helps to remove cellulite because it stimulates the lymphatic system.

Litsea - reduces excessive sweating and is suitable for oily and problematic skin. It has anti-inflammatory, antiviral and soothing effects.

Cloves oil - suitable for oily skin in inflammatory processes and acne. Reduces growth of microorganisms and fungi. It has bactericidal, disinfecting and antiseptic effects.


The product is dermatologically tested, does not contain paraben preservatives and is not perfumed with synthetic perfumes. It contains only plant oils and mixtures thereof.

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