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Peat bath extract 1L

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Pure natural peat extract enriched with needles essential oil, designed for home baths. It relieves pain from the locomotory system and improves the condition of rheumatic diseases. It benefits the skin with dermatological problems.
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Peat bath extract 1L
Pure natural peat extract enriched with essential oil from the needles. Peat extract is a very popular product used in spa treatments. The 1L package is ideal for quick and easy use in the home environment for pain in the locomotory system and rheumatic diseases. It is also suitable for skin care affected by various dermatological problems. 

The peat bath has excellent effects on rheumatic diseases and arthrosis, relieves pain in the back, joints and muscles, improves eczema, acne and skin inflammation, relieves tension and stress, strengthens sweat glands. 

Dosage: 200 ml of extract per 150 l bath, for partial baths 15 ml per 10 l of water. Recommended bath time: 15 - 25 min. The extract is gentle to van surfaces and is easy to clean with conventional means. INCI (Composition): Aqua, Alkaline Extract of Lignite, Polysorbate 80, Picea Excelsa Leaf Oil, Benzalkonium Chloride


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