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Peat bath SFAGNUM 1L

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Fine bath peat is suitable for rehabilitation or cosmetic baths of skin suffering with acne or other skin problems. It can also be used as a partial direct wrap of tensed muscles or joints. With this bath you can now enjoy a bit of spa even at your home!
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Peat bath SFAGNUM 1L

Organic-mineral substances contained in peat melt in the hot bath and so have an effect to the whole organism. They excellently absorb into the skin, nourish, renew and bloom the skin. They have excellent antibacterial and detoxifying effects.

The peat is processed by fine milling, and subsequent milling is done to obtain fine matter. This processing allows it to be used even in the home environment without any problems with the drainage in a normal home bath. The peat bath leaves no unwashable traces in the bathtub.

Peat baths and wraps have a beneficial effect on the human body and their effects are being tested by generations. They contain a great deal of nutrients, minerals, natural elements, and also tannins, waxes, enzymes, or very good humic acid. It regenerates, moisturises the skin of the whole body, benefits its restructuring and overall rejuvenation. Hot baths with this peat bath also significantly slow down skin aging and wrinkle formation.

In the case of interest we can offer you bath containing in 150, 250 and 500 ml packages, suitable for bathing children, partial rehabilitation baths, beauty baths and partial direct wraps and cosmetic rehabilitation.



Peat is suitable for treating these problems:

· Rheumatic diseases, bone and joint pain

· Nervous diseases

· Arthrosis

· Respiratory tract disease

· Improvement of muscles and joints

· Healing of eczema, psoriasis, acne

· Urological and gynecological diseases

· Diseases of the digestive tract


Peat is not suitable for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, stroke, oncological patients or pregnant women. It is not recommended for open skin injuries and for bleeding, swelling or hypersensitivity to heat.


Instructions for use

Cut the plastic sleeve near the metal buckle and push the content (1 liter of finely ground peat) into the prepared water bath. The temperature of the bath should be 36-37 ° C. By grinding the plastic sleeve, you create a full peat bath. To achieve the desired effect, yourbath shoould last at least 15-20 minutes.

The peat bath is focused on the whole body and is also suitable as a beneficial cosmetic procedure. After a bath, person should rest in the bed for about half an hour under the blanket. During this process, important metabolite processes occur in the body.

Washing of the bath is done with water and cloth, there is no need to use chemical cleaners. Peat together with water drains away.

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