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Peat masks, baths and wraps

Love Spa - Peat masks, baths and wraps    Peat products are nowadays increasingly popular both in spa care and home use, and there is no wonder. These real gifts of nature are a rich source of minerals and humic acids that have beneficial effects not only on the skin but also on the whole human body. They have excellent effects on rheumatic diseases and arthrosis, relieving back pain, joints and muscles and helping to treat many skin problems.

Only few people know that peat baths and wraps are no longer just the privileges of spas and specialized rehabilitation facilities. Now you can make your small Spa even at your home! In addition to our traditional spa cosmetics THERMELOVE and SINOVA, we have recently added a portfolio of peat and clay products from an east bohemian company SFAGNUM. These products are characterized by the high content of minerals and humic acids that are contained in peat, which is mined in unpolluted localities in the Czech Republic and Latvia.


Peloids - real gifts of nature

The word "peloid" comes from the greek word "pelos" and means peat and peat soil, mud, etc., which have the properties and effects of natural healing resources. The peat used in SFAGNUM products is regulary tested by the Reference Laboratory for Natural Medicinal Resources of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, which guarantees their quality and safety.
Peat and clay are really the true gifts of nature. In the wet and cold environment of swamps, organic plant and small animal remain decomposed hundreds and thousands of years in acidic and anaerobic conditions and are deposited in thick layers. Peat formation is a remarkable natural process that takes a very long time. Only one millimeter of layer is formed per year, and so the peat bogs, which are in the Czech Republic 8 meters thick, grew at least 8,000 years. Replacing this process or artificially speeding it up is impossible.
In prehistory, peat bog had a great ritual significance. In the Bronze and Iron Age, they were considered to be the home of relics and gods. Some Northern European peat bogs have shown the ability to preserve animal tissues for millennia. Perfectly preserved remnants of human bodies have also been found in many places all over the world thanks to the action of humic acids. For centuries, these findings prove the unique properties of peat products to positively affect the entire human organism.
At present, peloids are used in the form of wraps, baths, facial masks and peat extracts due to their bacteriostatic, cleansing and regenerative effects. They also have an extraordinary thermal effect - slow and gentle warming of the body, not just surface, but also deep-bodied organs and muscles. We must not forget their anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. They are recommended for people suffering from rheumatic diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, nervous disorders and are suitable for the regeneration and release of mental tension.




Peat wraps and baths (see our offer)

Peloids are nowadays more and more popular in home care. None of today's growing plants can compare to the genetically rich peloid origin and the spectrum of their water-soluble compounds. It is hard to find any other substance that cleanses the skin from harmful substances that have a deleterious effect, and also stimulate the immune system by stimulating the metabolism and regeneration of cells that favor the central nervous system.
The peat bath is now easy to prepare with SFAGNUM products in the comfort of your home. These peats are specially grounded to a very fine mass that does not contain solid particles and is therefore suitable for use in a domestic bath. When the bath is over, you can drain the bath and the peat flows away with the water, it does not block the outlet and the bath can only be rinsed or gently wiped with a cloth, leaving no indelible marks.
The peat bath has excellent effects on rheumatic diseases and arthroses, it relieves back pain, joints and muscles, improves eczema, acne and skin inflammation, relieves stress and stress, strengthens sweat glands. It has a positive effect on locomotor system diseases, gynecological inflammation, neurological and civilization diseases, helps treat psoriasis, atopic eczema, acne, relieves stress, regulates sleep disorders and regenerates the body. It also has pronounced detoxification effects.
During the wrapping and tiling, the heat is transferred to the tissues in the treated area, the blood circulation is increased, while the healing minerals, on which the peat is really rich, are released. This helps relieve the pain of the muscles, joints and spine. Positive effects also occur in chronic inflammation, arthrosis or vertebrogenic syndromes. Peat wraps also relieve the signs of cellulite and the use of peloid extracts is an excellent way to detoxify the body.



Facial masks (see our offer)

Do you need to clean your skin pores, but you only have a few minutes? No problem. Peat and clay facial masks are great for greasy skin that suffers from acne, eczema or other skin problems. It is used for the intensive care of young and aging skin and gives the skin brightness and lost vitality. Active ingredients with minerals and humic acids regenerate, nourish, noticeably smoothen and slow wrinkle formation.
When applying mask, we recommend that you apply a thin layer of mask on a thoroughly washed and delicately moistened skin and let it dry completely. Then rinse your skin with water and treat it with some our moisturizing creams or oleogels. Content and detailed procedures of peat products can be found in the details of each product.
We wish you a pleasant relaxation in your home spa!
Team Lovespa.cz