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Peat wrap SFAGNUM - small set

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Peat wrap is one of the most respected forms of thermal therapy. It is recommended to relieve muscle tension in sports, work overload, joint pain and menstrual pain or to treat skin problems. Enjoy your spa at home everyday!
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Peat wrap SFAGNUM - small set

The use of thermal peat tiles leads to relaxation of muscle contractions, detoxification and pleasant relaxation of the whole body. With the help of heat, minerals and organic substances are released from the peat into the body. It also positively affects the atrophy or the pain of deep muscles.

In addition to the curative effect, peat also has excellent cosmetic effects. The skin regenerates, moisturizes, affects its restructuring and overall rejuvenation. It significantly slows aging of the skin and the risk of wrinkles. It has a positive effect on acne, psoriasis and eczema.



„Peat wrap - small set“ includes 10 x 150x400 mm peat wrap + 1 x 150x400 mm heat carrier. After using all the peat tiles from the package, it is not necessary to order the whole set again, but only the tiles as needed. The heat carrier can be used repeatedly.

Tiles and their sets can be ordered in 3 sizes:

1) small set (150 x 400 mm) - suitable for knees, shoulders and smaller areas

2) medium set (300 x 400 mm) - suitable for limbs, back or belly

3) large set (600 x 400 mm) - large enough to cover the whole back - in our shop only on request


We recommend this wrap for:

Subacute and chronic conditions of rheumatic and traumatic origin,


Muscle contractions,

Joint pain, spine and menstrual pain,



Suitable for increasing local blood circulation.


We do not recommend when:


Pregnant (with application along the spine),

Decompensated cardiological illnesses and severe circulatory disorders,

Febrile states,

Hypersensitivity to heat

Open skin injuries, bleeding,



Instructions for use

Heat the reusable heat carrier in a microwave oven (approx. 5-10 minutes, for better heating of the carrier change its position two minutes) or in a water bath (50 ° C - 60 ° C) for about 5-7 minutes. WARNING DO NOT BOIL THE WATER!

Lay the peat wrap on the heat carrier with the impermeable side. Allow to heat for 3 minutes to prevent heat shock. After warming the wrap, place it on the affected area permeable side down ,and put the heat carrier on the impermeable part again and cover the patient with a blanket. Let it work for 20 minutes if the doctor does not recommend otherwise. Then wipe the skin with a wet cloth, discard the tile and keep the carrier for further use.

It is recommended to be applied once a day for 10 days.

Unless the doctor recommends otherwise, the duration of the procedure is 20 minutes.

The disposable peat lining can be disposed of in a conventional way - by throwing it into the basket or separating the peat from the foil and using peat as a soil for flowers or composting.

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Peat wrap is one of the most respected forms of thermal therapy. It is recommended to relieve muscle tension in sports, overload, joint pain and menstrual pain or to treat the skin problems. Enjoy a bit of spa even at your home.
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