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Regenerating oleogel THERMELOVE, 200 ml

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The fine oleogel is ideal for regeneration after body exertion and sporting performance. It contains natural thermal water and a mixture of herbal extracts. The synergic effect of the plant extracts has a cleansing, warming and firming effect.
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Regenerating oleogel THERMELOVE, 200 ml

A fine gel emulsion containing water from a natural mineral spring is well absorbed and hydrates the skin. It is ideal for regeneration after body exertion and sports performance. Quickly absorbs and hydrates the skin. It has a beneficial effect on skin affected with acne, psoriasis and atopic eczema.

Lightly massage the skin in the area of ​​the muscles, joints and varicose veins. Use several times a day, if necessary.



Natural sulphur water from the healing springs of the Velké Losiny Spa - helps the body to resist bacteria, protects against toxins, negative effects of radiation and pollution, slowing the aging process. It supports the production of collagen and creatine - two very important substances for human skin. Positively affects skin affected by acne, dandruff, psoriasis and eczema. It helps with arthritis, infections and various skin diseases.

Chestnut oil - antirheumatic, anti-inflammatory, removes swelling. Effective against varicose veins and thrombosis.

Plantain oil - It has a positive effect on eczema, burns and inflamed wounds. It also helps with skin infections and hives.

Eucalyptus oil - australian natives have been using this oil to treat wounds for ages. It heals and can activate the subcutaneous binder. It also strengthens concentration and works antidepressant.

Mint pepper oil - has healing, antiseptic and antiparasitic properties. Excellent in treating acne.


The product is dermatologically tested, does not contain paraben preservatives and is not perfumed with synthetic perfumes. It contains only plant oils and mixtures thereof.


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