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Safe sunbathing: Which protection do you need?

Love Spa -  Safe sunbathing: Which protection do you need?    It is not so long ago that we were looking for a sunny prey and enjoying the imagination of the incomming summer. Spring was in full swing and some unusually high daytime temperatures with a good dose of sunshine made us feel that summer had started earlier and more intense than we expected this year. Summer is very popular period of year because of sunbahting, but it's also a time when we need to pay more attention to our skin.

Revealed skin is very vulnerable and although most of us have already taken some UV filter at mercy, the product si are not always chosen or applied correctly. Which "factor" is best for you? Always choose according to the type of skin and the place of residence - the lighter the skin, the higher the UV factor. If we have dark eyes and hair and we spend summer in Sumava mountain range, we can choose SPF 30, if we are blond with blue eyes and are going on the seaside beach, we will definitely start with SPF 50.

SPF determines the appropriate length of stay in the sun without the risk of skin burns. A totally separate chapter is small children, toddlers and infants, their skin should not be exposed to the sun at any time and they should stay in the shade. If there is no other option and we have to let such a small child in a high-intensity area of ​​sunlight, we have to choose special preparations for this age category containing so-called mineral filters. Although they may sometimes leave a light white film on the skin, they are well tolerated by baby's skin. An integral part of the "Solar Ten" is the strict adherence to the drinking regime. Do not expose yourself to the sun from 10.00 to 16.00, use a headgear and sunglasses. Appropriate protective preparation should be applied several times a day, repeatedly, always after bathing or getting sweat.



Before sunbathing, it is important for the sunscreen to be applied 20 minutes in advance. We spread the cream, gel or milk thoroughly and treat also so neglected but risky places like lips, ears or feet. However, after leaving the beach or the pond, we do not stop with the skin care. By sunbathing and repeated bathing, our skin gets "busy" and so it is necessary to take care of it repeatedly. We choose appropriate reparative or nourishing cosmetic creams or milks to make the skin soothe and moisturized enough.


We offer in our THERMELOVE spa cosmetic line moisturizing body lotion with panthenol, which is the ideal moisturizer for the skin after sunbathing. For those suffering from skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis, eczema or dermatitis, we also have milk with panthenol and 3% of sulphur. Sulphur disinfects the skin and has antibacterial and antiseptic effects.

If the skin gets excessive solar load and its color changes not to golden brown but dangerously red, we choose a soothing foam with panthenol or aloe vera in a thick layer. We can soothe the skin with a spray of mineral water. From our offer you can try a skin refresher with mineral water in a spray. It is a perfect complement to long journeys by car in hot weather. The water in the spray will rejuvenate the skin and the minerals will provide the necessary nutrients. In addition to adhering to the photoprotective regimen, the use of carotenoid-containing tablets is also a prevention of skin burns.



Currently, a wide range of sunscreen and soap creams are available on the market in many textures that it is possible to choose the right product for each skin type. Although in the summer, skin diseases such as psoriasis or atopic eczema usually improve significantly, and here is a need to think of appropriate photoprotection. Burning of the skin can, on the contrary, cause a new, violent sowing of the above mentioned skin diseases. For follow-up moisturizing care, we recommend one of our skin creams or oleogels.

Sulphur-based thermal water disinfects the skin problems and the essential oils hydrate and protect the sensitive and irritated skin. With the right equipment, you will avoid most of the difficulties and protect your skin for the future from unhealthy old stains or much worse skin cancer. If you are afraid of vitamin D deficiency in poor sunlight, then know that its intake of food (eg. fish) is far more important than sunbathing.

I wish you a beautiful, sunny summer without the risk of burning your skin.

MUDr. Kateřina Macháčková