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Skin care in winter and frost

Love Spa -  Skin care in winter and frost    It almost seemed like we will skip this winter and we will enjoy the spring temperatures, but chilly conditions has taken over again. So it is necessary to resist again all the winter inconveniences such as coldness, humidity, wind, frost, and the sharp sun in the mountains. These factors accelerate skin aging by interacting with each other and the cold wind also enhances the negative effect of UV radiation.
Damage to the skin is more intense in the winter, the skin becomes thicker, stiffer, wrinkled with uneven coloration. Fine veins appear on the surface and repeated exposure to moisture causes skin redness, loss of suppleness and skin scaling.  Adverse transitions between the warm indoor and outdoor cool environments are also noted. Therefore, we should put emphasis on the regular and proper care of our skin.

In the winter, it is extremely important to soften the skin with suitable creams, which should be primarily based on the skintype. You can try our excellent moisturizing THERMELOVE skin cream with geranium oil. In winter, however, we should not apply moisturizers and lotions shortly before going to a cold and frosty environment. Ideal is to allow the products to be properly absorbed by the skin. We should also hydrate the skin with an adequate drinking regime, apply moisturizing creams rather overnight and avoid places with excessive heating. For outdoor stays, it is advisable to choose nutritious creams with vitamins, panthenol, ceramides and other protective and nutritional substances.

It is not entirely true that in the winter it is not advisable to apply a moisturizer or make-up on our skin. However, an appropriate texture should be selected. In extreme frost or strong winds, protective and so-called "cold" creams, which are dense and form a protective film on the skin are recommended. The winter season has its positive side if you are considering aesthetic or surgical procedure. It is the ideal time for all corrective procedures, ie excision of signs, laser resurfaceing, IPL light treatment, dermabrasion, correction with filling materials, etc.

What else can we do for our skin?
- Do not forget about the hands, they are immediately exposed to cold objects. Repeated washing of hands is more dangerous for sensitive the skin, but nourishing creams can protect your hands well.
- Do not neglect the proper care of lips that are in contact with saliva and in frost are prone to cracking.
- Not only in the mountains it is good to choose products with a suitable UV filter to prevent skin damage by UV radiation.
- Nutritional supplements with vitamins, coenzyme Q 10, omega 6 fatty acids, linoleic acid and essential fatty acids are also suitable in winter.
How to upgrade your makeup routine in the winter months?
- Choose the right type of makeup and always use a protective balsam, gloss or lipstick.
- The more layers, the better. The analogy with dressing in the cold season is good for us.



What to do when you cool down in the outdoors?
After returning home from a cold winter walk, it is ideal to apply warm-up your body and skin.  THERMELOVE Relaxing Oleogel warms the skin thanks to the unique combination of herbal ingredients and also hydrates and regenerates the skin. Also very good is the relaxation and warming of the body with baths with the addition of various vegetable oils or extracts. Thanks to THERMELOVE bath salts or peat baths, you can comfortably create a piece of the spa right at your home in the bathroom. They will help you relax and warm up your entire body and soul.  After bathing, the body can be soaked with THERMELOVE hydrating body milk with panthenol.  If your state of health permits, it is also suitable to warm up at the sauna.
Did you know that ...
- If you care about your skin and hydrate it properly, your skin ages slower?
- The so-called "Goose skin," is the reaction to the cold to ensure the elimination of a small amount of sebum that covers the skin surface and thereby protects it from the unfavorable cold?
- Properly greased and hydrated skin can prevent bacteria, viruses and yeast from penetrating into the body.
We wish you a nice winter.
Team  Lovespa.cz