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Spring skin care manual

Love Spa - Spring skin care manual    The annual rapid change from winter to spring can be exhausting for the human body aswell for its skin. Right now it's the time for special care about dehydration, lack of nutrients and a tired look of the skin. In the spring, the skin needs increased care. After winter it is dehydrated and it is necessary to prepare it for the sunbathing season. How to wake her up of the winter sleep and restore her freshness and youthful? Have a look in our fresh spring tips.

Solve acute winter problems

The skin is tired and dry after winter, due to the frosts and transitions from chilly to heated areas. It is therefore important to moisturize it and supply the necessary minerals and vitamins. The guarantee of well hydrated and nourished skin is use of thermal water. In the Czech Republic, we are fortunate that this unique gift of nature drips from the country in the healing springs of the spa Velké Losiny and thanks to this, the water is used in the thermal cosmetics THERMELOVE. You can find there skin creams, oleogels, body milks, soaps and shampoos. Another use of mineral water is the summer skin refresher, which finds its use in warmer months of the year or on the long journeys in the car for quick refreshment or calming of allergic and burned skin.



Enhance your daily skin care

Each of us uses products that best suit his skin and there is often no need for a fundamental change. However, the skin would deserve a bit more intensive springcare. Among such bonuses we can include fine peeling once or twice a week with a facial mask. You can try black clay used as face masks and peelings. Other way to treat your skin is peat or clay mask. All products contain only natural peat rich in minerals and humic acids that are easily absorbed into the skin. You can achieve a profound cleansing, detoxification and blood circulation of the skin and restore its flexibility and youthful appearance.



Clean your skin thoroughly

Every professional involved in skin quality will testify that you can use the finest and more expensive cream, but without good-quality cleansing care it has no effect to the skin. Cleaning is a step that allows the skin to breathe and receive active ingredients from the creams and prepares it for the makeup. In general, people with dry skin should use creamy products such as THERMELOVE facial and body milk containing thermal water. On the contrary, lotions or soaps containing natural oils are more suitable for people with mixed and greasy skin. Moreover, THERMELOVE products do not contain synthetic perfumes or alcohol that could irritate sensitive skin. They are therefore suitable for skin affected by various skin problems (acne, psoriasis, eczema, etc.)



Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Normal, mixed and especially irritated skin suffering from skin problems should be regularly lubricated with high quality products. Suitable creams, lotions and minerals are enriched with minerals and quality natural oils. All products are available in the THERMELOVE cosmetics. In the case of skin care affected by more severe skin problems the THERMELOVE with sulphur can be used, whose preparations are enriched with colloidal sulfur, which has a beneficial effect on psoriasis, eczema and other skin diseases.

We wish you a beautiful sunny spring!

Team Love Spa