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Suitable skin care in the fall

Love Spa - Suitable skin care in the fall    In autumn we naturally change the wardrobe, as summer dresses and T-shirts alternate with an autumn sweaters or coats, but we often forget to care about our skin. Due to the intense summer season, pigment spots are noticeable on the skin, and dehydration may also be noticeable. These spots can be hidden under the dark tan. Take a look at our dermatologist tips from MUDr. Kateřina Macháčková to care for healthy and problematic skin before the first frosts come!

Warm summer days full of sunshine are gone, but the autumn can be also colorful and beautiful. It is often accompanied by decreasing sunshine, lower temperatures and increased air humidity. We naturally change the wardrobe where summer dresses and T-shirts alternate with an autumn sweater or coat, but we often forget about our skin.

Often you can find noticeable pigment spots on your skin due to intense summer season, dehydration hidden under the dark tan is also sometimes noticeable. In closer look, the skin is often overwhelmed with small scales and highlights especially in the eye area. Therefore, using moisturizing creams is very important over the summer, and we must also keep in mind the adherence to the drinking regime. Moisturizing creams and oleogels should be applied repeatedly, as required several times a day.



At the autumn, we start to heat in the buildings and skin does not do well because of this. It has to respond to frequent changes of different indoor and outdoor temperatures. Frequent manifestation is seborrhoeic eczema, both in the face and in the area of the scalp, when the patients often come into the dermatology, because of the itching and dandruff in the hair, that does not respond to the usual "shampoo against dandruff". In both cases it is possible to use one of our sulphur shampoos or creams containing natural sulphuric water, which have the ability to soothe and hydrate the irritated skin. You can choose from our products containing natural mineral springs from the czech spa - SINOVA or THERMELOVE.




Autumn is unfortunately a time when seasonal worsening of skin diseases such as psoriasis and atopic eczema occurs very often. While atopic eczema is manifested by persistent itching, soreness and roughness of the skin, psoriasis finds on the skin places of silvery scales. In both diseases, you need to adjust your diet, build a suitable diet with allergen constraints, avoid sharp and spicy meals, enjoy enough sleep, avoid infections, and most of all eliminate stress. Not everything is possible in our current life rhythm immediately, but regular and consistent care of the diseased skin always leads to alleviating the difficulties. You can also consider using cosmetic products containing natural healing resources - water from mineral springs, curative oils or natural extracts. We can use these substances not only in cosmetic care, but we can also add them into the relaxation baths.



I wish you a beautiful autumn.

MUDr. Kateřina Macháčková