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Thermal water - unique natural gift

Love Spa - Thermal water - unique natural gift    Thermal springs are used for recreation and relaxation, and in the case of thermal parks, they are also a popular tourist attraction for the whole family. They have miraculous curative effects not only due to higher temperatures. Its deeply deposited reservoirs are affected by a variety of layers of earth crust enriched with a large number of minerals that are very beneficial to the human organism. Get to know this natural richness "on your own skin" with us.

Thermal hot springs and its effects

Thermal spas all over the world use hot springs at 20-60°C. These springs are created with the help of natural processes deep underground and are heated by the Earth's core. They penetrate the cracks between the rocks on the earth's surface, where they spring up through springs or geysers, enriched with a lot of minerals. That makes them a real natural treasure. In the Central Europe, thermal springs occur mainly in Hungary, Austria and Slovakia. In the Czech Republic, we find a unique underwater thermal spa in the foothills of the Jeseníky Mountains in Velké Losiny, where thanks to its healing capabilities, they provide patients and visitors with thermal water from healing springs for relief from a large number of health problems since the 16th century.



Bathing in thermal water releases muscle tension, relieves inflammation of joints, spinal pains and has positive benefits in the treatment of postoperative conditions. Minerals are absorbed by the skin and are therefore used also to treat skin diseases. They alleviate the symptoms of various eczema, rashes, acne or psoriasis and heal the deposits of these diseases. In the Velke Losiny Thermal Spa, they treat skin, neurological, oncological and circulatory diseases as well as the locomotory system. The influence of baths in thermal springs on the health status of patients is scientifically and medically proven and is purely natural supplemental treatment without any side effects.



Summer refreshment always in your pocket

Mineral waters are beneficial to the human body not only through hot spa baths and procedures. They are also a welcome refreshing helper on a hot summer day. The mandatory summer equipment for everybody who cares for the skin should therefore be at least one practical package of mineral spray water. The mineral water spray will replenish the skin and give it vital nutrients. It proves to be an indispensable helper for long journeys by car or aircraft when the skin suffers from dry air from air conditioning.

The minerals contained in the water soothe and protect the sensitive and irritated skin while the skin moisturizes and softens the skin. If you have a sensitive skin that quickly becomes red after sunbathing, thermal water is the right one for its calming and moisturizing. Mineral water has a beneficial effect on skin acne and oily skin. It regulates the formation of skin sebum and helps to clear the obstructed pores. Water can also be used without fear on the baby's skin - spray it gently on their skin to prevent overheating.


Thermal cosmetics

The thermal water from the healing springs of the Velké Losiny spa has been very successful in treating skin problems such as psoriasis, atopic eczema, acne and other chronic skin diseases. Therefore, it has been used as an essential ingredient in the production of THERMELOVE® spa cosmetics, developed in collaboration with dermatologists with extensive experience in the care of problematic skin.



THERMELOVE® cosmetics are manufactured in 2 product lines. The basic THERMELOVE line is designed for regular daily care of normal, healthy and mixed skin. THERMELOVE® with sulphur is enriched with colloidal sulphur and is designed to treat problematic skin affected by the above mentioned skin problems. The sulphur-containing minerals, added sulphur, natural oils and herbal extracts have a distinctive antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal effect, they help heal eczema deposits and nourish and hydrate the skin.

You can find there sulphuric soaps, sulphuric creamsoleogels and sulphur shampoos, which, thanks to their composition, help reduce hair loss or dandruff. All products contain sulphur water from the local healing spring, and sulphur is added to some products for greater efficiency. The range includes products with a sulphur concentration of 1% to 6%. Due to the content of added sulphur, natural oils and herbal extracts, the products have a strong antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal effect.


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