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Winter hot baths at your home

Love Spa - Winter hot baths at your home    Hot thermal baths are the most popular treatments in the spa treatments and have very good effects on our body and soul. In our THERMELOVE assortment you will find several bath salts containing natural essences and essential oils. These salts are made according to original formulations and are based on the knowledge of the reciprocal effects of salt and medicinal plants on the human organism. Thanks to them, you can create a real "Little Spa at Your Home" within a moment. But let's start at the beginning. Where was the salt created and how does it affect the human organism?


Origin and occurence of the salt

The oldest salt mining is documented in China from the third millennium BC. In nature, it occurs either as a solution in sea water or in a solid state where it forms massive underground, perfectly preserved deposits of stone crystals. Therefore we distinguish stone salt and sea salt. For the production of THERMELOVE salt baths we use high-quality stone salt from the Alps in southern Germany. These deep-laid layers are hidden for millennia from external pollutants, guaranteeing perfect crystal clearness. The ever-increasing environmental pollution is also reflected in the cleanliness of the seas and sea salt extracted from them. It is often necessary to chemically clean it. By using rock salt from deep mines, the highest possible salt purity is achieved.



Salt and human organism

Salt is an indispensable ingredient of human food. Each person consumes about 7-10 grams per day, and the body then uses it to produce red blood cells, maintaining blood pressure, osmotic pressure or for forming hydrochloric acid in the stomach which is important for digestion. It is also found in muscles, blood plasma and cartilaginous and bone tissues. Salt is needed for good transmission of nerve impulses, muscle activity, regulates blood pressure and helps maintain the balance of body fluids within the cells. Natural bath salts help improve blood circulation in the human body and improve the removal of harmful substances. Regular salt baths also support digestion, metabolism, protein degradation, and also have an effect on the cell production process.

Relaxing bath salts THERMELOVE

The synergic effect of stone salt, plant extracts and natural oils in THERMELOVE salts has a cleansing, warming and firming effect. They are recommended as a supportive remedy for skin disorders, rheumatism, inflammation, stress, sleep disorders, muscle and joint pain, and together with hot baths, contribute to strengthening immunity. Higher salt concentrations promote excretion of harmful substances from the body and the intake of beneficial minerals. Natural extracts and oils contained in salts have beneficial effects on the skin with acne, antiseptic and antibacterial effects, refresh and stimulate the skin and the whole body. They support the function of the circulatory and lymphatic system and thus provide the skin with better nutrition. All products are dermatologically tested, do not contain paraben preservatives and are not perfumed with synthetic perfumes. They contain only vegetable oils and mixtures thereof.

A pleasant "piece of spa at your home" wishes you

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